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Petit Format: 9.12.2023 - 3.02.2024

Benjamin Herndon (Abstract artist, Providence, USA)

DJERIC-HUNOLD (Abstract artist duo, focusing on black colour, light and minimalism, Berlin) Erik Mai (Sculptor, Berlin)

Fabien Dettori (figurative painting and photography, Paris, France)

Hans Scheib (Sculptor, Berlin)

Hyon-Soo Kim (Korean abstract artist, Berlin)

Lev Khesin (Abstract artist, colours and layers with innovative materials, Berlin)

Lothar Quinte (German pioneer in abstract painting)

Peter Herrmann (Figurative painter, Berlin)

Renata Kudlacek (Mixed media artist specialized in fine art photography and print Media, Berlin) Sebastian Heiner (Abstract and figurative painter, colourful and gestural painting, Berlin)

Sibylle Wagner-Quinte (Abstract artist working with various mediums, Berlin)

Vincent van Gaalen (Photographer specialized in capturing the night, Den Haag, Holland)

Vishal Shah (Silkscreen prints, iconography & language, Berlin)


South Korea


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